Wireless Series

Sonic capabilities made possible with decades of experience in driver design.

There is a design language that’s seen throughout all of our headphones since we started building them nearly 30 years ago. The wireless series continues this, looking like it’s part of the family simply at a glance. These wireless Grado headphones are a milestone in our 65 year history.

Key Features

Feature 1

Precision Takes Patience

Grado was in no rush to go wireless, not until the sound was just right. That time is now.

Feature 2


Incredibly lightweight, without a sacrifice to the sound.

Feature 3

Breaking New Ground

The driver is configuring just for wireless. This lineup is just the stepping stone to realizing where the Grado sound can go.

Wireless Series Headphones

  1. Grado GT220

    Grado GT220

    A new benchmark in true wireless audio

  2. GW100x Headphones

    GW100x Headphones

    Precision Takes Patience