The New X Driver - The Prestige Series

The best way to experience Grado sound for the first time.

Where it all begins. Featuring our new 4th generation drivers, the Prestige Series is the best way to experience the storied Grado sound for the first time. Including both our first-ever headphone and metal pair, these classics embody seven decades of Grado Labs audio.

Key Features

Feature 1

The Classics

A series that has been with Grado for over 25 years, these are tried and true, deep rooted classics.

Feature 2

Entry Level/The Journey Starts Here

Including one of the top rated pairs, this lineup includes something for everyone.

Feature 3

Punch Above Its Weight-Class

At their price points, these are the best bang for your buck. A sound usually reserved for more expensive headphones.

Prestige Series Headphones