Reference Series

The welcoming sound of these mahogany headphones.

The welcoming sound of these mahogany headphones is what started our love for building with wood. These smaller body wooden pairs are hand-built with drivers specifically tuned for mahogany.

Key Features

Feature 1

The Sound of Wood

Wood creates an incredibly unique soundscape, and Grado has been hand building with it for decades.

Feature 2

Nimble & Embracing

Like a warm hug, these wooden headphones envelope you while keeping up with the fastest of beats.

Feature 3

Specifically Tuned

Every type of wood creates a different sound, and these drivers have been specially tuned to pair seamlessly with mahogany.

Reference Series Headphones

  1. RS2x Headphones

    RS2x Headphones

    The End Of Teenage Disillusionment

  2. RS1x Headphones

    RS1x Headphones

    Referential Treatment